GONE!! Odour and Stain Remover for Pets


Stains & Odours… GONE!
##Specifically Forumulated for Protein-Based Stains & Odors
##Unique Biodegradable Formula
##Performance-Enhancing Additives and Surfactants
##Pleasant Peppermint Scent
##Not Just A Cover-Up!

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Specifically formulated to remove protein based stains and the accompanying odours. The unique biodegradable formula uses nature’s enzymes to quickly break down the proteins which cause stains and the odours they produce. Additional enzymes break down grease, starch and cellulose for effective stain removal. In addition, performance-enhancing additives help neutralize odours and speed penetration to the substrate.

For use on urine, feces, vomit, stains caused by food, mildew, grass stains and many other stains and odours. GONE! Pet Stain & odour Remover is made from renewable resource raw material ingredients and is considered readily biodegradable. GONE! Pet Stain & odour Remover penetrates rapidly and is pleasantly scented with Peppermint Oil.

Unlike many other products commercially available, GONE! is not just a cover-up but actually breaks down and gets rid of the stain and odour. Other applications include laundry pretreatment, drain line treatment and recreational vehicle holding tank cleaning and treatment. GONE!


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Canine, Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Hamster, Guinnea Pig, Pet


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Odour Remover, Performance, Stain Remover


32oz, gallon