Fast relief of stiffness and soreness. FreeStep is formulated to comply with BHA and FEI regulations.


Comforter to assist joints, muscles and feet.
Great for Veteran horses.
Suitable for horses on a restricted diet.
FreeStep is a quickly absorbed comforter, suitable to assist joint, muscles, backs and feet. Great as a joint supplement and for veteran horses.
FreeStep is rapidly absorbed and used by the body and is suitable to be given to horses that require a low sugar diet, with the option of then going onto LamAlert – for horses that require joint support we recommend that you continue with FreeStep, one scoop a day.
FreeStep is formulated to comply with BHA and FEI regulations.
As a joint supplement, one scoop a day, upping to one scoop twice a day when needed.
Horses with restriced diets: two scoops twice a day for a month and then reduce down to one scoop a day or go onto LamAlert.
Magnesium Oxide, Bromelain, Cat’s Claw, Sarsaparilla, Burdock Root, Boswellia Serrata Phospholipid, Milk Thistle, Chenopodium Alba.

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Equine, Horse, Pony


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Comfort & Recovery, FEI Approved, Joint Health, Senior support


1kg, 250g, 500gm


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