ICE HORSE® Knee to Ankle Wrap

Our top-quality, insulated and extra-long wraps cover the knee completely and extend to the fetlock/ankle area. These full-coverage wraps envelop each front leg with six cold/heat inserts. An adjustable suspender hangs over the withers and supports both wraps when applied to the horse. The suspender attaches securely with hook-and-loop closures that are easily removed when the therapy is complete.

The unique design both conforms to the horse's leg and provides optimum compression, assisting the cold penetration of inflamed soft tissue. After just three hours in the freezer, they're ready to use again.

Because there are also times when heat therapy is called for, our wraps can just as easily be used for targeted heat application. Our application instructions describe how to properly use the wraps for both hot and cold therapy.

Ice Horse Knee to Ankle Wraps utilize a patented Propylene Glycol formula which is food grade for quality assurance and non-toxic properties.

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ICE HORSE® Knee to Ankle Wrap

Knee to Ankle Wraps are available as:

  • Two Knee to Ankle wraps (pair)
  • 12 FIRST+ICE® Inserts
  • Support Suspender