Huuf Magic®

Thrush Antiseptic Treatment

HUUF MAGIC® is an easily applied, non-messy penetrating treatment that effectively aids in the treatment of thrush, seedy toe, white line disease, coronary band scurf, cracked heel bulbs and other problems associated with the sole, frog and hoof.

A unique blend of Tea Tree oil, benzathonium chloride, and Jojoba Oil, HUUF MAGIC® will not stain skin, hair or clothing and is safe to both horse and owner.

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  • 16 oz. spray bottle
  • £17.99
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Huuf Magic®

For EffectiveTreatment of Thrush, Seedy Toe, White Line Disease & More!

  • Safe‚ Non-Staining‚ Naturopathic and Pharmaceutical Agents
  • Penetrates Deeply
  • Won't Dry Out the Frog or Sole
  • Non-Toxic & Non-Caustic!